Work culture at RSI

Real Soft, Inc. (RSI) offers growth opportunities to its employees through challenging assignments. We recognize that our employees are the life-line of our organization. Many organizations merely recognize employees’ roles and responsibilities, but at RSI, we recognize their value. This could be a reason why our employee retention rate is very high compared to industry standards.

Our winning culture is focused on cross-functional and cross-cultural teamwork. We aim to create the kind of working environment that genuinely motivates people and supports an energizing culture in which employees have the freedom to question, challenge and carve out a unique niche. We encourage employee involvement at all levels which results in a rich exchange of ideas / concepts that helps us give more to our customers. The different ideas that rise out of these exchanges lead to superior business solutions for RSI and in value for our clients.

If you have an appetite for challenges, read on to understand why RSI boasts as one of the least attrition rate company across the industry.


One of our most appealing benefits which our employees value, is the amount of opportunities that are available to them. Some of them include the:

• Opportunity to take on challenging work assignments in clients’ projects and product development in cutting-edge technologies

• Opportunity to receive the training and experience to build new skills and achieve full career potential

• Opportunity to move to different domains and functions within the organization that interest you, so that your experience is broadened rather than narrowed

• Opportunity to travel to client locations on a long-term or short-term assignments for an onsite experience

RSI offers a wide range of career possibilities that will expand your technical, professional and business skills and broaden your career objectives. Thus, we offer ample opportunities to diversify your experience within our organization. I believe for this reason in particular, we have a lower attrition rate compared to the industry standard.

Recognition & Rewards

RSI recognizes and rewards the team and individuals for their contributions, which helps to motivate employees and thus add a sense of achievement to our culture. We have a number of initiatives to reward & recognize those who make a difference in contributing to our client’s satisfaction. These initiatives include Awards, Bonus, Salary Increments, Gift coupons, Dinner Invitations, etc. The main criterion for deciding the best performing team is the Clients’ feedback. These helps establish to the team members that their efforts are always recognized.

Fun at RSI

Being with RSI doesn’t mean working all the time. We believe that the best environment at the workplace incorporates recreation as well. We organize fun events where the employees are able to de-stress and unwind from the routine activities of the office. These activities are organized on a monthly and yearly basis and include company outings with family members, exclusive employee dinner parties, Fun Friday’s (last Friday of every month) and inter-departmental sports. These are just some of the ways in which employees are encouraged to relax and enjoy their workplace, bringing a unique and enjoyable atmosphere to RSI.

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